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Online reputation management

Online Reputation Management and SEO

Did you ever ask yourself what shows on the first page of the search engine results when people search for your business?  Your company’s site, social media profiles, a Ripoff Report? (Ouch!)

The first step to Online Reputation Management is to perform an audit for your keywords.

A nice SERP (Search Engine Result Page) has a mix of profiles including your company website, maybe some of your subdomains like blog.company.com, social media profiles likes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and maybe even some review sites where you have nice reviews from your current or past clients. The top SERPs also often contain press releases, news and local information.


How to suppress negative reviews?

Let’s be honest, pushing down negative reviews is a very hard task and can take a while.  We need to outrank the site where the negative review sits and try to push it to at least the second page of the search results.  Google is showing 10 results per page so, as an example, if this bad review is sitting on position 4 on the page, we have to fill 6 positions on the first page for it to move away. Now you can imagine the amount of work and time it takes to achieve this.


Why is it so hard?

Negative reviews are extremely hard to overcome.  Negative listings originating from site like Consumer Report, Ripoff Report and Yelp are pretty hard to outrank because they are all sites that have huge domain authority and get consulted and updated often by users.  Because of that, Google abolutely LOVES those sites and ranks them in the top search results.


Why you should care…

More and more people lookup companies or brands before they buy from them.  Sometimes they’re only looking for a phone number or an address, sometimes a review.  But what if just by looking up your company or brand name they stumble on a review showing a star rating of 1/5 in the SERP?  What do you think they’ll do next?  Click on it of course! People are naturally attracted to warnings, they want to know more.  What do you think this user will do if the review is a really bad one and maybe even grouped with similar reviews? You guessed right. He’ll be looking up one of your competitors.


First step towards a good online reputation

Ok, one bad review is not the end of the world you might say… And you’re right! But what are you going to do about it?

The fact is that most business owners just ignore reviews like this. This is a big mistake. It is critical to respond to comments about your brand online, either positive or negative.

Show your customers you care.  Try to fix the problem before it gets out of hand.  The original poster of the review can quickly delete or modify his comment, maybe even turn it into a positive review.

Have you ever spent time to look for your company/brand on different review sites? Probably not, because it’s very time-consuming and you have more important things to do, like running your business.

This is where Webkea can help you.

Of course responding to comments about your brand online doesn’t fix everything but it can prevent small issues developing into bigger ones.

But in the case where you already have a bigger problem with one or more reviews and you want them GONE, contact us,  we’ll be glad to discuss and create an online reputation strategy for you.


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